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Important information about Ryanair


Ryanair began operating in Ireland in 1985, with the first flights operating daily between Waterford and London Gatwick, on a tiny 15-seater Bandeirante aircraft.

By 1987, Ryanair was challenging both Aer Lingus and British Airways, launching a route between Dublin and London on 46-seater BAE748 planes. The introductory fare, at £99, was under half the price of Aer Lingus or BA’s lowest return fares, which cost over £200. In response, both of the bigger airlines British Airways and Aer Lingus cut their prices, meaning that Ryanair started Europe’s first-ever flight price war.

In 1988, Ryanair had expanded beyond Dublin and was operating flights to and from Irish locations like Waterford, Cork, Galway, Shannon and Knock, flying to Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and Glasgow in the UK. In 1994, the airline carried in excess of a million passengers. By 2000, this had increased to over 5 million. At around this time, the airline launched its online booking system. From there, the airline grew at a rapid pace, and by 2018 was carrying 130 million passengers per year.

Today, Ryanair is the biggest airline in Europe, and has carried over a billion passengers.

With so many flights operating daily, Ryanair’s customers do experience a significant number of delays and cancellations, and many do not realise that they are entitled to compensation under EU law.


Backing up your claim

To give your claim the best chance of success, check with the airline regarding exactly what caused the delay. Collect any evidence you can, such as flight documents, photos and receipts, keep any paperwork given to you by the airline. A successful outcome can depend heavily on evidence – particularly if the flight took place (or didn’t, as the case may have been) a few years back.


Ask the airline staff what you can claim for - both there and then and later on - and make a note of any details you’re given, plus staff names, times and dates. If you can, take contact details of the airline’s other passengers in the same situation.


You may be able to claim as much as €600. This varies according to the distance you flew, or should have flown, with different rates applying to short, medium and long haul flights, as follows.

What you can claim at the airport

For short haul flights, you can claim from 2 hours’ delay or more. The airline should cover the cost of food and drinks, and of 2 phone calls, emails or faxes. For medium haul flights, the  delay time from which you can claim increases to 3 hours, and then 4 hours for long haul flights.


For longer delays of 5 hours plus, you have a right to refuse to board a flight that is delayed by over 5 hours, in which case the airline must refund you or offer alternative transportation.


In the case of a flight being delayed until the next day, the airline must provide overnight accommodation, as well as transfers to and from the airport. Make sure you get any promised services put down in writing and keep a copy. Sometimes, it is not always possible for the airline to provide all of their passengers accommodation in the case of a widespread disruption. If you find yourself paying for your own accommodation, keep all of your receipts and this should be reimbursed by the airline.

How Flight Patrol can help

Claiming flight delay compensation from Ryanair is easier when you know how. Our experience means we can secure what passengers are entitled to, with a minimum amount of fuss. We will claim on your behalf, we have an experienced team of claims experts and we will secure your compensation without causing you any stress or hassle.


If you claim yourself, you could find that it takes a lot of time. You may even struggle to get anywhere, simply because you have little experience in dealing with such claims. The process could therefore be stressful and energy-sapping, as well as time-consuming, and you may need to do a lot of research to make any headway at all. Your chances of success will sadly be limited by the fact that you are not familiar with this process. Passengers complain that the process takes up time, requires experience, is stressful and has a low chance of success.


If we claim on your behalf, we can reach a conclusion professionally, simply and swiftly. We can offer a highly experienced team, a stress-free experience and, most importantly, a high chance of success with your claim.


Your rights when delayed with Ryanair

  • According to EU law up to €600 compensation
  • Regardless of the ticket price
  • Flights up to 6 years old
  • When the flight was delayed at least 3 hours, cancelled or overbooked

Tips and Tricks when delayed with Ryanair

  • Confirm the reason for the delay with the airline
  • Collect proof: photos, receipts of expenses, vouchers etc
  • Insist on your basic rights and services at the airport
  • Exchange contact information with other passengers

How to claim against Ryanair

  • Enter your flight details into our calculator
  • Enter details of replacement flights (if any)
  • Enter details of fellow passengers
  • Leave the rest to us!
  • Short Distance

    Short Distance


    Up to 1500km

    (e.g. London - Edinburgh)

  • Medium Distance

    Medium Distance


    Up to 3500km

    (e.g. London - Athens)

  • Long Distance

    Long Distance


    From 3500km

    (e.g. London - Tokyo)



Don't take any excuses! Vouchers for food or hotels don't negate the airline's responsibillity to pay your compensation

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